“Surveillance Capitalism”

By Eilian Sheng

Corporations and Digital Privacy

Imagine this. You are on your Instagram feed and you scroll past a couple of ads. Apparently, there’s this huge deal on laptops at Lenovo.com. You scroll further. Another ad about laptops, this time from Best Buy. You have been on the search for a new laptop for a while now, and the other day, you distinctly remember browsing multiple online tech shops using the keyword “laptop”. How did Instagram come to know that? Continue reading ““Surveillance Capitalism””


The Digital Privacy Dilemma

By Zaina K and Amrita M

Upon hearing of digital privacy violations, one often imagines the perpetrators to be huge, elusive entities. Visions of top-secret government departments and mega-corporations fill the mind. Yet it would be misguided to assume that these forces are the only dangers to accessing the online world. In these times, the average individual has at her fingertips the tools to trespass on the personal lives of others. Continue reading “The Digital Privacy Dilemma”