The Digital Privacy Dilemma

By Zaina K and Amrita M

Upon hearing of digital privacy violations, one often imagines the perpetrators to be huge, elusive entities. Visions of top-secret government departments and mega-corporations fill the mind. Yet it would be misguided to assume that these forces are the only dangers to accessing the online world. In these times, the average individual has at her fingertips the tools to trespass on the personal lives of others. Continue reading “The Digital Privacy Dilemma”


A Letter of Sinister Content

By Ugochi M. Agoawike

427 Nausica Blvd., New London
February 13, 1883

From a Lady to a Gentleman requesting an Explanation for Unfavourable Acts against Her.

Mister Romero L.C., Esq.,—I would like to extend a formal apology in regards to my extended absence. Respectfully, I hope it has not caused your estate Continue reading “A Letter of Sinister Content”

a cigarette in the snow

By E.S.

On a fine Monday afternoon, a day when the streets were covered in thick blankets of snow, when one had to take care not to slip and tumble onto the frozen sidewalk, when it was so goddamn cold that tears would freeze before falling to the ground, I stopped just off Centre Street, going some way from the road for a quick smoke by a snowbank at the mouth of an alleyway. Continue reading “a cigarette in the snow”